Social Events

We tried to enhance the 25th edition of EUSIPCO 2017 program with events that will expose our participants and their accompanying friends and family members, to the Greek traditions and life style. You will have the opportunity to join the EUSIPCO bicycle run, learn how to cook Tzatziki salad, mousaka, and baklava, learn how to dance popular Greek dances – Zorba the Greek is one of them, enjoy Greek folklore dances during the Welcome Reception, participate in the "Greek Glenti" during our Conference Banquet, and attend a sophisticated Concert with tenor singer Alexandra Gravas.  Mark your calendars and don’t miss out on any of them!

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Cost – €
(where applicable)

Monday, August 28

Welcome Reception

Kipriotis Village
Olympic Pool



Tuesday, August 29

EUSIPCO Bicycle Run

Kipriotis Village
Parking Lot  to Kos City

18:10 – 20:00


Dancing Lessons

Kipriotis Village
Yiannis Club

16:00 – 18:00


Wednesday, August 30

Conference Banquet

Kipriotis Panorama Swimming Pool

20:30 – 24:00


Dancing Lessons

Kipriotis Village
Yiannis Club

16:00 – 18:00


Thursday, August 31

Alexandra Gravas Concert

Kos city centre
Roman Odeon

21:00 – 22:30


Cooking Lessons

Kipriotis Panorama
Triton Restaurant

16:00 – 18:00


Friday, September 1

Cooking Lessons

Kipriotis Panorama
Triton Restaurant

16:00 – 18:00


Check for prices and other details at the registration desk. Welcome reception is free to all participants. The bicycle run is also free but registration is required.
Tickets for the Social Events may be purchased through the registration service before the conference and at the Onsite Registration Desk located at the Venue. The Welcome Reception is free of charge for registered participants, while the conference banquet is sold at an extra cost for both registered participants and guests.

Free, for registered participants
Date: Monday August 28, 2017

A warm welcome is important. The welcome reception will be held at the Olympic Pool area overlooking an impressive reproduction of ancient columns, surrounded by the gardens and views of palm trees.
It will be a wonderful night to meet old friends, make new acquaintances and enjoy a standing cocktail comprising of a mouthwatering array of finger food accompanied by wine and refreshments.

Cost of extra tickets for guests: € 30

Time: 20:00
Location: Kipriotis Village Resort
Olympic Pool site

Not included in registration fee – limited space
Date: Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

The décor for this evening will be the beautiful swimming pool of the Kipriotis Panorama hotel & suites, overlooking the beautiful Aegean sea and the surrounding islands.

We intend to offer a wonderful night with friends, large quantities of delicious Greek food, and of course free-flowing red and white wine. We will enjoy live Greek music -some of us will try to dance like Zorba the Greek – and continue our entertainment with chart hits and dance music!

Cost of tickets for registered participants or guests: € 70

Arrival-Time: 20:30
Dinner-Time: 21:00
Location: Kipriotis Panorama Poolside

Free for participants and guests
Date: Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The event will be held in the afternoon of Tuesday, August 29th and we hope to attract as many of our colleagues at EUSIPCO for a unique fun event. You will be able to join the small tour by registering onsite at the registration desk prior to the event.

EUSIPCO Bicycle ride is under the auspices of KOS Municipality, and sponsored by Moto Island which will offer us hundreds of bicycles for the event. The ride will start at Kipriotis Village Resort and end at a location in Kos city harbour covering a distance of 3 kilometres.
We don’t need to be cycling champions to participate, have fun and share with EUSIPCO colleagues this entertaining stroll by the sea. Police will ensure our safety all along the way and at the end of the "race" we will be welcomed by the Deputy Mayor of Kos, Mr. Elias Sifakis. Water and lemonade will be offered and we will encapture the whole tour and arrival at the end with lots of photos and video.

Promoting bicycling for a healthier life style
Exploring the island on a bicycle has become the new active way for many visitors to enjoy their time in Kos.
Nowhere is bicycling more popular than the island of Kos as much of it is fairly flat, especially in the island’s northern coastal plain. Special cycle lanes have been created in Kos Town and between the area of Psalidi where our conference venue lies and along the north coast to the holiday centres of Tingaki and Marmari.

Time: 18:10-20:00
Location: Along the coast, to Kos city centre (distance: 3 km)

€ 15 purchased at the Onsite Registration Desk

Date: Tuesday 29th & Wednesday 30th, 2017

Petros Mastoros and his dancing group "HoroKos" is one of the best folklore and modern dance groups in Greece. Petros has participated in many European and International cultural exchange programs and festivals and he is going to entertain us during our conference banquet. Moreover, he and a team mate will offer two Greek dancing  workshops for those of us who wish to learn or improve our skills in Rebetiko, Syrtaki, Hasapiko and Zeibekiko dance. Space is limited.
See more on HoroKos, here.

Cost of tickets: € 15 purchased at the Onsite Registration Desk. Limited seats available, buy your tickets timely.

Time: 16:00 – 18:00

Kipriotis Village Resort
Yiannis Club

(opposite of hotel’s main lobby entrance)

€ 20 purchased at the Onsite Registration Desk

Date: Thursday, August 31st & Friday, September 1st, 2017

Learn how to prepare your favourite Greek dish! For all participants and their family members, these 2 sessions of cooking lessons, offer an enjoyable way to learn the "how to’s" of preparing some of the well known Greek food delicacies. The chef will demonstrate the way to prepare a tzatziki salad, mousaka and baklava. He will be flexible and willing to advise you about any other traditional Greek food recipes that you may wish to ask about. Have you always wanted to know how some special dishes are made? Take part in the workshops, find out!
Coffee, refreshments and Greek sweets will be offered to participants of the workshop. 
Space is limited.

Cost of tickets for registered participants or guests: € 20  purchased at the Onsite Registration Desk. Limited seats available, buy your tickets timely.

Time: 16:00 – 18:00
Location: Kipriotis Panorama
Triton Restaurant

Organised by Kos Municipality. Free for all participants, sponsored by Kos Municipality

Date: Thursday, August 31st, 2017

"With the fragrances of love …"
              … an erotic trip with songs from Greece, Mexico, China etc.
A voice that will travel you with songs by Greek and Foreign composers. Songs we will meet or discover again through Alexandra’s unique performance. It is worthwhile to enjoy a night full of dreams and memories of the melodies of the world. A recitalfull of surprises awaits you.

Alexandra Gravas, Mezzosoprano Bio

Cost of tickets: Free for all participants

Time: 21:00
Location: Roman Odeon